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Wool/Poly Blend Batting Throw Size 60"x60" (50% Wool / 50% Polyester)

Wool/Poly Blend Batting Throw Size 60"x60" (50% Wool / 50% Polyester)

Item #: LW060
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Item Description

  • 50% Wool / 50% Polyester
  • Thermal Bonded - (Super Washed) Batting
  • 3/8" Loft
  • 4" Spacing
  • Shrinkage 3% to 5%


If making a comfortable sleeping quilt is your goal, this super soft, washed wool/poly blend batting is the answer! It breathes naturally and allows air to pass through making an excellent summer quilt. This balanced blend of wool and polyester will also keep one warm in the winter. The light weight hand allows for extra comfort and it never feels too heavy. This makes it perfect for garments!

Machine quilters who desire very closely stitched areas use wool for its softness and polyester for its durability. When using a finer thread, this batting will remain soft and does not result in a stiff quilt. This batting is the ultimate experience in hand quilting. There is little to no resistance and the lofty nature shows an amazing definition in the stitches. When you really want to show your quilting workmanship this is the one to use.

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