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The Yarnit Crystal Clear Yarn Globe (Protects Your Yarn & Keeps It From Rolling Away!)

The Yarnit Crystal Clear Yarn Globe (Protects Your Yarn & Keeps It From Rolling Away!)

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Item Description

Stop saying darn it and use the Yarnit! 


Made from crystal clear and ultra-durable Lexan, the Yarnit is a ingenius globe that keeps yarn securely in place and free from any stains, dust, dirt or odours. Never again will your ball of yarn roll under the sofa into a pile of dust bunnies or across the floor into your pet's food and water area. The Yarnit's unique centrifugal force design also prevents knots and tangles. Watch as your yarn effortlessly streams out of your Yarnit, helping you to keep an even rhythm and consistent tension.


Need another reason to love the Yarnit? Its handy rubber base attaches securely to any and all surfaces while simultaneously providing a storage space for those easy-to-lose knitting notions such as darning needles, snips and stitch markers. And now for the cherry on top of this knitting sundae - the top of the Yarnit comes equipped with needle docking slots which helps keep your knitting needle tips protected and your stitches securely in place when you are travelling or need a break. 


  • 5" Transparent Lexan Globe
  • Fits easily into most car cup holders and airplane tray tables (remove the rubber base first).
  • Removable TPE Rubber Base / Storage Compartment
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap 



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