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Simply Stunning Seamless Quilts: 14 Easy Projects To Fuse By Anna Faustino (ON CLEARANCE)

Simply Stunning Seamless Quilts: 14 Easy Projects To Fuse By Anna Faustino (ON CLEARANCE)

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Create the Glow with Seamless, Fuse-and-Finish Art Quilts
Light up your walls with colorful art quilts! Best-selling author Anna Faustino invites you to sew 14 wallhanging-size projects in her award-winning Outline Design style. With no piecing, thanks to easy fusible techniques, you’ll gain confidence with a craft knife as you learn a variety of raw-edge finishing techniques. Surprisingly simple, Anna’s technique promises stunning results! An inspirational gallery accompanies the 14 projects, which include 2 full-size patterns on pullout pages, 12 full-page easily scalable patterns, and tips for designing your own colorful illuminated quilts.
• 14 striking projects, using easy-to-cut Outline Designs, fusible techniques, and no piecing
• Easy as 1-2-3! Learn the author’s foolproof method to award-winning seamless designs
• Cutting tips, expert advice on finishing raw edges and adding embellishment, plus everything you need to create your own stunning Outline Design quilts

Below are some customers’ reviews:
With its colourful front cover design, this book will catch the eye. This book takes you through 14 easy projects using fusible techniques. You use easy-to-cut outline designs and there is no piecing. Learn how to finish raw edges and add embellishments as well as create your own designs. The projects fall into three categories, so this book is suitable for any skill level. - Yarns & Fabric in UK

How would you like to be able to make quilts that have no piecing or seams; that don't require any turning under of raw edges; that can be made using any colour or print; that allow you to readily audition fabric options before having to make a single cut; and, most importantly, look as sensational as the example shown on the cover of Anna Faustino's book? The terrific news is that the method is fairly straightforward–only some fiddly cutting if your design is intricate. Anna prvoides clear instructions for each step involved as well as patterns for 14 projects, graded from easiest to more challenging. The book also includes photographs of more gorgeous quilts to serve as inspiration–and before you know it, you'll be able to move to drawing your own designs: think Zentangling, for starters, clip art and variations of traditional patchwork patterns. Anna even shows how to make these quilts using personal photographs: you'll be able to immortalise your loved ones in glorious fabric art!  - Homespun


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