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Ribbon Wizard W-8 Guides

Ribbon Wizard W-8 Guides

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Item Description

Ribbon Wizard


Sew Six Layers of trim/ribbon in One Step with No Hands! Ribbon Wizard.


It's Easy to use!


Place the appropriate guide onto the toe of the Wizard foot. Then thread the trims into the slots of the guides from the top. Snap the foot onto the shank of the sewing machine. Set the machine for desired stitch and stitch through all layers.


Ribbon wizard applications:
Arts & Crafts, Towels, Children's clothing, Window coverings, Quilt projects, Placemats, Decorative basket covers, Table Cloths, Pants & much more.

The Ribbon Wizard includes the snap-on foot and two No Hands! ribbon guides, free storage tin and an illustrated instruction booklet.


Apply ALL KINDS of flat trims with the Ribbon Wizard: Ribbon, Ric-Rac, Gimp. Embroidered Trim, Lace, Braids, Grosgrain, Wire Edged Ribbons.


Wizard Foot Selection Info


Most of the newer machines utilize a snap on presser foot.


If the machine does not utilize snap on feet then it needs a wizard low snap on shank. 99% of the machines that need a shank need the wizard low snap on shank.


In the machine is a Bernina, it requires a Bernina low shank adapter and a wizard low snap on shank. There are 2 models of the Bernina low shank adapter

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