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Prym Strap For Bags, 30mm, Pink/White

Prym Strap For Bags, 30mm, Pink/White

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Item Description

This decorative belt strap is very suitable as a shoulder strap for trendy bags, rucksacks, for home décor accessories, and much more. Whether it's single-coloured, with colourful stripes, or with a batik look, whether it's woven or braided: These belt straps impress due to their diverse designs and patterns – there's something for every taste here. Of course, these belts can also be combined with each another for personalised style. They are patterned on both sides – each package contains a 3-metre belt strap, which is sufficient for a rucksack or a large bag.


  • Strap with trendy design
  • For shoulder straps of modern bags, rucksacks, etc.



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