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Pet Screen, Salsa Red, 54" Width (ON SALE)

Pet Screen, Salsa Red, 54" Width (ON SALE)

Item #: 3013953

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Item Description

This product is sold by the metre.

Great for making summer beach bags, handbags, backpacks and other back to school projects! 

  • Available in 12 colours!
  • 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester
  • 7 times stronger than the regular fiberglass screen sold in most home hardware stores!

How To Use

  1. Use as dividers for purses and handbags! They are 7 times stronger than the usual fiberglass screens that are typically sold in home hardware stores. Coins and other hard objects will not be able to damage your beautiful purse or handbag!
  2. Use as a lining for purses and handbags to protect the fabric.
  3. Because of its excellent outward visibility and the fact that it is 7 times stronger than regular insect screens made from fiberglass, it makes a great window or door screen for people with dogs or cats and those who live in a high traffic area. Lots of quilters keep pets in their houses and they can use these pet screens to repair their windows or door screens.
  4. Woven from all-weather, vinyl-coated polyester yarn, they are very easy to clean. Because of this, they make great tablecloths for outdoor tables.

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