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Pellon Vinyl, 137cm (54”) x 18.3m (20 Yards), Blue

Pellon Vinyl, 137cm (54”) x 18.3m (20 Yards), Blue

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Item Description

This vibrant collection of vinyl is suitable for a wide variety of crafting and sewing purposes. It can be used to make tablecloths, backdrops, holiday decor items, and children’s projects. It's also incredibly easy to clean and is very durable and versatile.

Available in 8 Colours: 
Blue (item: PL222B-5420B)
Black (item: PL222B-5420BK)
Green (item: PL222B-5420G)
Grey (item: PL222B-5420GR)
Pink (item: PL222B-5420P)
Red (item: PL222B-5420R)
White (item: PL222B-5420W)
Yellow (item: PL222B-5420Y)

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