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Odif 404 Spray - Repositionable Craft Adhesive

Odif 404 Spray - Repositionable Craft Adhesive

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Item Description

“I purchased a couple cans of the 404 spray because I find that the little plastic sticky pieces you buy to attach to rulers tend to catch on the fabric and also make the ruler uneven and wobbly.  I sprayed the back of the ruler (make sure you have a piece of paper or fabric underneath it before you spray as there is a good probability of overspray). Let it dry for just 10 seconds. If you touch it and it’s tacky, place it on your fabric and cut.  It works fantastically!  It kind of sticks to your fabric and when you’re done the trimming, you just peel the now perfectly trimmed block off. There’s no residue left on the fabric but the ruler stays tacky for quite a while.  It’s great because you can trim many blocks before you have to reapply the spray!  It is best for small rulers/blocks.

Use it with either of the wonderful revolving cutting mats (like the Omnigrid® 360º 14" Rotating Cutting Mat or Prym Love Cutting/Rotating Mat, 35cm) that Jefferson carries for excellent results. What an incredible invention!  I’ll be having it in stock and using it myself for a long time to come!" 

- Felicity of Leather and Lace


Odif 404 is a strong permanent and repositionable glue suitable for use in craft or hobby projects as well as for many uses around the home, office or workshop. It is ideal for attaching posters or pictures to walls that could become damaged using other methods. Odif 404 is the perfect ‘aid’ for temporarily attaching stencils/templates.
Characteristics: A low odor permanent but repositionable spray adhesive providing a strong bond for most materials including polystyrene.



  1. Fast drying.
  2. Dries clear.
  3. Low odor.
  4. Does not transfer
  5. Does not wet paper.
  6. Does not cause yellowing.
  7. Can be repositioned many times.
  8. Is pressure sensitive and hence 404 can be allowed to dry for up to 24 hours without losing its adhesiveness.
  9. Adheres to most surfaces.



Machine Quilting:

Use 404 with quilting paper or make your own silhouette quilting designs – spray wrong side of paper or silhouette. Let set 1 minute. Place on quilt sticky side down. Stitch to quilt. Remove paper. If silhouette you can reposition over and over as needed.


 Paper Piecing:

  1. Use 404 when paper-piecing – Avoid ironing and pinning for fast accurate results. Spray the wrong side of the paper-piecing pattern with 404. Let set 1 minute. Place first fabric piece right side up on sticky side of the paper. Make sure you have your seam allowance on all sides. Place second piece right sides together. Make second piece slightly longer than the first piece. Stick edges down to paper. Flip and sew seam between pieces 1 and 2. Open fabric so right sides are showing and stick to paper. Repeat for the 3rd piece and so on. When block is finished remove paper.
  2. Printing or copying to tracing paper or fabric
  3. Spray a sheet of copy/printer paper evenly with 404 and stick fabric or tracing paper to it for easy printing. Spray your standard printer or copy paper evenly with 404 Spray and Fix. Stick your treated (Bubble Jet Set) fabric or tracing paper to the sticky copy paper. Use the edge of your ruler or a brayer to insure there are no bubbles.
  4. Using Quilting or Painting Stencils
  5. Use 404 to avoid shifting stencils.
  6. Spray the wrong side of the stencil with 404. Let set 1 minute. Place stencil on fabric. Mark, pounce or paint the pattern. Remove, reposition and repeat as needed.


Templates – Plastic or Paper

  1. Use 404 to hold templates to fabric for cutting by hand or using a rotary cutter.
  2. Spray the back side of the template with a light sprits of 404. Let stand to set one minute. Stick to fabric. Cut out. Reposition for next cutting as needed. Reuse until hold is to light. Then clean with DK5 cleaner and re spray.

Stitching Guides – Triangle paper, Quilting on a Roll, Thangles, Triangle on a Roll, etc.

  1. Use 404 to hold paper in place while stitching.
  2. Spray wrong side of paper with 404. Let set 1 minute. Place on fabric, stitch, and remove.
  3. Tip: Lightly spray cutting board with 404 to avoid fabric shifting while rotary cutting.
  4. Tip: Lightly spray rulers in spots with 404 to avoid shifting while rotary cutting.
  5. Tip: 404 cleans-up with DK5 cleaner without damage to ruler markings or plastic.


  1. 404 contains neither acid nor water and so does not wet paper or cause yellowing - problems often experienced with other glues.
  2. Because 404 is an easy to use spray adhesive, it is very economic and convenient.
  3. The ‘low odor’ means that unlike many other adhesives, even when used in confined spaces 404 can be used with little or no discomfort.
  4. 404 can easily be removed from work surfaces by DK5 cleaner (i.e. item #: 43050 & 43014).
  5. Unlike some other adhesives 404 does not transfer or mark walls unlike double sided tape, blue tack, many other adhesives, pins or nails.
  6. 404 dries clear. Some other adhesives leave stains or marks on exposed surfaces.
  7. Can be used with polystyrene. Many other adhesives damage polystyrene.
  8. Is a permanent glue that will allow light materials to stay in place ‘permanently’, but also allows repositioning even after long periods.



Watch this fascinating behind the scenes video and learn more about Odif and how this wonderful company innovates and creates the products you know and love!

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