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Marking Magic 12oz. - White

Marking Magic 12oz. - White

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Item Description

Marking Magic - no need to trace your stencils, just spray on it!!! Reduce your quilt marking time by 80%

Marking Magic is the revolutionary NEW product that will save you hours of tedious hand marking!!

4-Easy Steps:
Step 1: Position Stencil on Quilt
Step 2: Spray Marking Magic
Step 3: Remove Stencil and you are ready to Quilt
Step 4: Clean Up: When you are finished quilting, simply place the quilt in the washer (detergent is optional - any major brand is fine), and no residue will remain.

Product Information:
* One 12oz. can is about enough to finish marking a double sized quilt - naturally, this depends on the intricacy of the pattern used.
* Once sprayed evenly it will dry on the fabric in 10-15 seconds.
* It's an aerosol spray so you will need to use it in a well ventilated area - however once it dries there is no residual smell.
* Any overspray or markings you wish to remove can be done so with plain water and light rubbing with a toothbrush or by wiping a damp cloth over the area.
* It's been tested on every fabric but silk so far, with no adverse effects.
* Any markings will last indefinitely without smudging until plain water is applied to the fabric.

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