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Love Doodle 3" Wide Longarm Pantograph Pattern - Double Row, 144" Long

Love Doodle 3" Wide Longarm Pantograph Pattern - Double Row, 144" Long

Item #: QCUER1372

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Item Description

Stitch a little bit of love into your quilt with this adorable motif filled with swirly hearts in a lace-like pattern!


The design size listed is the height of a single row. All paper pantographs are printed with a minimum of 1 full row with 2 partial rows for the next row line up.

Design Size: 3″ (7.6cm)

Paper Width: 11″ (28cm)

Paper Length: 144″ (12 feet)

The Continuous Line Pantograph Pattern in a roll is designed for any Longarm system. A quilting pantograph is an overall design that is stitched through the 3 layers of a quilt. The quilting is done from side to side, top to bottom, over the entire quilt without regard to the pieced or appliqued design of the top.

A paper pantograph is placed on a table attached to the back of the quilting frame and a light similar to a laser pointer is fastened to the machine. The quilter then moves the machine, which is also attached to the frame, up and down the length of the frame using the light to follow the pattern printed on the pantograph. Often the quilt itself is not examined until after an entire row of the pantograph has been sewn. After one area is quilted, the quilt, which is on 2 sets of rollers, is rolled to expose an un-quilted area and the whole process begins again.

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