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Prym Leather/Glover Needles With Triangular Points

Prym Leather/Glover Needles With Triangular Points

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Item Description

These ultra-sharp, strong needles make sewing even the toughest of leather materials easy with beautiful results. The special triangle tip pierces leather with ease, creating neat and even stitches every time you sew!


  • No. 3-7 Assorted
  • Card of 5 Pieces
  • Ultra-sharp triangle tip.


Customer Review

"The prym leather hand sewing needles are great! I recommend them to all my sewers. They stay sharp and go through even heavy leathers with ease. Plus they come in a assortment so you can find what size works best for you!" - Lori of Indian Craft Shop, Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

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