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Knitter's Pride Magnetic Necklace Kit - Natural Hues

Knitter's Pride Magnetic Necklace Kit - Natural Hues

Item #: 200609

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Item Description

  • Necklace Pendant made using popular Knitter's Pride Colored Wood (with embedded magnets) and leather cord
  • Accessories that adhere to the pendant: Three cable needles in different shapes & 20 stitch markers
  • Free Fabric pouch (to store the accessories) 
  • Innovative design - First of its kind in the world! Jewelry for Knitters!
  • No more losing Cable Needles & Stitch markers - find these on your pendant!
  • Each piece is handcrafted and hence unique
  • Cable needles and Stitch markers with magnet adhesion properties
The following items are accessories for the Magnetic Necklace Kits:

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