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John James Knitter's Needles, Size 14/18, 5 Count

John James Knitter's Needles, Size 14/18, 5 Count

Item #: JJCC017

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Item Description

John James Crafter's Collection Needles The Crafter's Collection is a brand new innovation in hand sewing needles, with carefully selected needle combinations which have never been available before in individually designed packs. Envelope contents:Tapestry size 14 x 1 needle + Tapestry size 18 x 2 needles Short Darner size 18 x 2 needles If you always lose your sewing up needle, here is a handy wallet containing a delightful collection of needles especially designed for the use in knitting and crochet. All your needle needs are in this one pack, a total of 5 needles, more than twice the number of needles than in a standard pack means you will never be at a loss again. From baby yarn to double knitting, from Aran to chunky and to fashion yarns all are taken care of in this unique needle combination.

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