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  • A Quilter's Shopping List


    Whether you're a long-time quilter or just cut out your very first block, there are a couple of items that you absolutely NEED on hand. Sure, talent goes a long way when it comes to creating a beautiful quilt, but a lousy rotary cutter or set of machine needles can damage an otherwise beautiful piece in a split second! Or at the very least, it can make the creative process tedious and unpleasant. And really - what's the point if you're not loving (almost) every minute behind the sewing machine? Save time, money and energy by outfitting your quilting kit with only the best of the best. Not sure where to begin? Consider this your go-to shopping list for true and tested quilting favorites.


    1. CORNER CUT 60 - 2-IN-1 SEWING TOOL from Quilt with Marci Bake

    Use this tool to trim 60° points for exact seam allowances! Three seam sizes (scant, true, and generous) ensure that you get a perfect match to your personal 1/4" seam allowance every time. Having these different options is guaranteed to give you extra confidence at the sewing machine!

    • Use to mark a scant 1/4" on any machine.
    • Trim 60° ears for faster seams.
    • 3 seam sizes - scant, true, and generous.


    2. Dritz Sewing - Longarm Quilter's Proportion Scale

    This handy tool is a complete game-changer in the sewing room! it provides precentages for reducing or enlarging patterns, saving quilters the work of having to calculate it themselves! Also, because it already provides the exact percentages for each pattern size, it helps to prevent pesky quilting mistakes!

    • Includes percentages for converting measurements up to 24 inches.
    • Provides a formula for calculating larger numbers.
    • Contains 1 scale.
    • Size: 4 1/2" x 6"


    3. Sullivans - Cutting Edge FROSTED Rulers, Non-Skid & Sharpens Your Blade, 6.5” x 6.5”

    Sharpen your rotary cutter blade with every cut!

    The Cutting Edge Quilting Rulers from Sullivans feature a patented design with a diamond carbide edge that sharpens rotary blades with every cut! These revolutionary rulers are marked with easy-to-read numbers, square-up guides, and diagonal dots that make lining up cuts quick and accurate. The fully frosted backing gives you the right amount of steadiness for cutting, but also allows you to slide the rulers when needed. The unique red grid system is designed to highlight the 1/2” markings which are there for you to "tuck" your block into. Use the inside edge of the red angle to cut squares and trim up blocks.

    • The non-skid dots help to prevent the ruler from sliding.
    • The diagonal has extra-large dots for fabric positioning.
    • The large numbers are easy-to-see and never blend into the fabric.
    • The very light 1/8” markings do not distract when using more common markings.

    Click here to see a video demo by Pat Sloan!
    Click here to see a video demo by Missouri Star!


    4. Odif 505 Spray - Temporary Fabric Adhesive, 500ML (2017 4th Quarter Promotion)

    Leading product around the world for use in quilting and embroidery projects! A low odor temporary repositionable spray adhesive that does not stain or cause stickiness.

    Use 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive for: 

    1. Raw edge appliqué when you are going to sew it in place.
    2. Penny Rugs – spray the back side of wool shapes, place on background to Fix in place then use a blanket stitch around the edges for a permanent hold.
    3. Baste your quilts – Spray the batting or the wrong side of the backing and top to layer your quilt.
    4. When loading a quilt on a long arm machine, use 505 to hold the lead edge of the batting and top to the backing fabric. This way you only pin once along the lead edge.
    5. Spray 505 on Embroidery stabilizer. Hoop your stabilizer, spray, and then stick the garment in place on top without hooping.
    6. Use 505 to hold patches in place before stitching down.
    7. Make fabric covered buttons by spraying the fabric then cover button form. Trim fabric and fold inside top. Apply button back. Fabric will not shift.

    1. 505 contains neither acid nor water and so does not wet material.
    Problems often experienced with other glues.
    2. Because 505 is an easy to use spray adhesive, it is very economic and convenient.
    3. The ‘low odor’ means that unlike many other adhesives, even when used in confined spaces 505 can be used with little or no discomfort.
    4. 505 can if necessary be easily be removed by washing. Many other adhesives leave a sticky residue that is often difficult to remove.
    5. 505 dries clear. Some other adhesives leave stains or marks on exposed surfaces.
    6. Unlike many other adhesives, 505 is always effective providing just the correct amount of stickiness. Many other products give either insufficient or too much ‘hold’. 505 is proven in both domestic and industrial environments to provide the correct level of adherence thus avoiding the time wasting associated with pinning, tacking.


    5. Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter 45mm

    This OLFA® rotary cutter is a combination of comfort, convenience, strength and safety. Its ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber grip eliminates hand fatigue and stress, while the squeeze trigger allows the blade to self-retract for safety. The cutter can handle up to six layers of thin materials. And the quick blade change feature won't slow down your project..

    Good For: cutting strips and multiple layers at once. Cuts fabric, paper, tarp, vinyl, upholstery and more.


    6. Sullivans - Grip It Gloves for Free Motion Quilting, Sewing & Crating, Size, Medium

    Grip It Gloves are designed with the free motions quilter in mind. Cool and comfortable with a soft, flexible fingertip grip that gives full control with less resistance and drag on fabric. The form-fitting seamless design allows you to keep the Grip It Gloves on while changing threads, adjusting fabrics, cutting with scissors, and adding or removing pins.

    Use with Silicone Spray (item:100946) to make your surface slippery, allowing your fabric to sail over the surface smoothly with no friction or lint build up while you sew.

    • Highly breathable 100% polyester liner gloves with a flexible polyurethane fingertip coating.
    • Enhanced hand and wrist support helps to reduce fatigue and tension while working.
    • Ideal for free motion quilting, sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, and more.
    • Lint and excess fabric dye may accumulate on the fingertip coating with prolonged use. To renew grip, gently rub oil soap on the coating, then wash according to care instructions.
    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry or iron.
    Available in 3 Sizes: Large (item:48666), Medium (item:48667), and Small (item:48668)
    The sheets are made from powerful fibers that soak up excess dyes in water. Once the dyes are absorbed-the sheet locks them away protecting your clothes from being stained and damaged. Colors are prevented from running or bleeding onto clothes. Saves time by reducing the need for sorting. Saves money by reducing the need for small or LIGHT COLORS ONLY loads.
    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at
  • Shop Spotlight - Impossible Knot Yarn Shop

    Attention needlework fans! Impossible Knot Yarn Shop is a gorgeous new boutique that has opened in 100 Mile House in rural B.C! Everyone knows that the best things come in small packages and this petite boutique is chock full of some truly amazing needlework finds. And if the selection wasn't fantastic enough, the owner Andrea Giddings is there to make one's shopping experience warm, fun and friendly. Walking through the doors at Impossible Knot Yarn Shop truly feels like visiting a friend's home. A friend's home with an eye-popping yarn collection. Whether one lives in 100 Mile or is simply passing through, this new shop is a must-visit for knitters and crochet fans! Scroll on to get a peek at what it's like inside.








    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at

  • The Seven Staples Every Sewist Needs In Their Studio

    The world of sewing supplies and notions is a vast, and often daunting one. There are gadgets and tools for nearly every stitching conundrum one could dream of and so it can be a challenge for brand new sewists to know where to begin. There are a ton of great products out there, but after careful deliberation, we've determined that these are the seven staples that are an absolute must-have for every sewing kit!


    1.High-Quality Machine Needles 

    In the same way that good cooking begins with high-quality ingredients, good sewing simply cannot happen without high-quality supplies. A durable, razor-sharp machine needle will improve the longevity and appearance of one's stitches and seams while also saving money. It's amazing how much it adds up when you don't have to constantly repurchase needles!


    Our Pick - Beissel Special Edition Canada 150 Tin

    Created in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, this is the perfect travel kit for the sewist on the go. This pocket-sized tin comes equipped with four different needles - stretch, jersey/knit, serger/overlock, and universal, along with a sprinkling of satin roses just for fun! These adorable kits make great gifts and are a must-have for sewists and quilters of all skill-levels!


    2. Heavy Duty (Yet Versatile!) Fabric Scissors

    In most sewing rooms, a good pair of fabric scissors is almost priceless and for good reason! Cutting fabric with a dull, unreliable pair of scissors not only results in uneven cuts and wonky finished pieces, but it can also cause hand fatigue and carpal tunnel over time! If there is one thing every sewist, new and experience, should invest in, it's a sharp, comfy-to-use pair of fabric scissors.


    Our PickHot Forged Bent Scissor with Sharp Cut Knife Edge 10''

    This "wide body"  knife from Clauss has ultra-sharp carbon steel blades that allow you to cut even dense fabrics with ease, saving time and reducing user fatigue. This multi-tasking scissor is suitable for a wide range of  uses and fabrics.

    Made of carbon steel that is fully double-plated with chrome over nickel.


    3. Temporary Adhesive Spray

    While most people will say that when it comes to creating beautifully sewn items, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts, there is one exception. When quilting or crafting, a high-quality yet temporary adhesive spray can make it so much easier to hold different fabrics together before you are able to sew them. The best formula should have little odour and shouldn't leave any stains or residue. Just a note - depending on the formula, some sprays (such as Brod' Spray) work better for light fabrics such as cotton and may not work quite as well for dense fabrics.


    Our Pick - Brod’ Spray - Temporary Adhesive, 500ML 

    A needle-friendly temporary spray that holds fabric and crafts temporary in place. This special formula will not gum sewing needles and allows fabric to be re-positioned without leaving any residue. Brod' spray is colourless and spotless with very little odour. It has a focused mist application, making it great for applique, quilting, basting, pattern piecing, and embroidery.


    4. Sewing Clips (yes, instead of pins!)

    Everyone knows that pins are an essential part of everyone's sewing kit. Not everyone knows about their more convenient substitute - sewing clips! Unlike standard pins, Magic Clips can be put into place in seconds and can be sewn over using a sewing machine! It's amazing how much time these simple clips can save. Still skeptical? Try them for yourself or watch this review by Laura Ann Coia of SewVeryEasy.  They really are game-changers!


    Our PickMagic Clips, Small Size, 12pc

    Taylor Seville's Magic Clips are a wonderful alternative to pins! You can even sew over them! Magic Clips open wide to hold many layers of fabrics. Use them whenever you would otherwise use pins, for example, when quilting, making handbags, and when working with heavyweight fabrics.
    • The base of the clip is made of a paper thin metal and it can lay flat for easy feeding to the presser foot.
    • There is no need to remove the clips when sewing. You can sew over them!
    • The easy-to-read markings on the top of each clip will help you sew as accurately as possible.
    Click here to see a video of this fantastic product in action.

    5. A Cutting Mat 
    When drafting patterns and cutting fabric, a durable, cushiony cutting mat is crucial. They protect the appearance of your cutting surface, sure, but they also extend the life of your rotary cutter! Most come with measurement markings as well to make cutting precise sizes that much easier. Investing in a great cutting mat will keep your tables smooth and your blades sharp for years and years!


    Whether you're new to crafting or a pro, you'll appreciate this OLFA® rotary mat. It not only protects your cutting surfaces, it protects the edges of rotary blades. The mat's grid lines are designed for easy measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles.

    • OLFA® Rotary cutting mats are specially designed for OLFA® Rotary cutters.
    • Self healing, long wearing, and economical.
    • Can be used on both sides.


    6. Wedge Iron

    A perfectly pressed project is much more likely to turn out than one that is sewn together haphazardly with wrinkles and creases. A quality iron should have a number of settings for every fabric type and task. It should also be light and comfortable to use as most sewists use their irons round the clock. While large irons are tempting as they can smooth out large surfaces quickly, small irons are ideal as they can get into tiny nooks and crannies, smoothing out wrinkles with a precision that cannot be achieved with a bigger iron.


    Our PickCLOVER Wedge Iron, Includes A Small Spray Bottle

    The Wedge has several unique design features and is truly the future of situational ironing.
    • Wide, ergonomic handle for comfort and secure handling
    • Includes a small spray bottle for controlled moisture and steam where needed.
    • Great for patchwork and details as it features a narrow tip that allows you to easily get under layers of fabric.
    Large convenient dial for temperature adjustment:
    - Low Approx. 175°F-230°F,
    - Mid Approx. 231°F-300°F,
    - High Approx. 301°F - 390°F

    7. Temporary Marking Tools
    Unless you have a photographic memory, you are going to need to mark your fabric for specific stitches, darts, measurements, and details. It's a good idea to have a variety of marking tools on hand (chalk, pencils, pens etc.) depending on the fabric you are using. It will ensure that your sewing is a lot more accurate and will save a lot of time and stress.


    Ensure that every portion of your project is flawless and meticulously placed with this easy-to-use marking set. The ceramic lead is made from water soluble dyes and is specifically formulated for fabrics. This set also comes equipped with a soft finger grip for maximum comfort. It is suitable for both light and dark fabrics.


    • 1 ct pen
    • 1 ct plastic lead case
    • 3 ct Pink 0.9mm
    • 3 ct Green 0.9mm
    • 3 ct White 0.9mm
  • 8 Cozy & Cute Autumn DIYS

    There's no better way to spend a chilly autumn night than on the sofa with a chunky knit blanket, a steaming cup of apple cider and crafting materials in your lap. Besides being a fun way to stimulate your creativity for your work projects (we're looking at you designers and teachers!), crafting also comes with a host of health benefits. Whether you're a teacher who needs a few more ideas for their home economics class or just a creative who wants to unwind at the end of the day, these 8 project ideas practically scream 'fall has arrived' without being overly cliche. No paper jack-o-lanterns or haphazardly sewn trick-or-treat bags here!


    Photo and DIY via Dan 330

    1. Adorable Knit Pumpkins

    Cute and versatile, you can knit a cluster of them to create a festive fall centerpiece or simply use one as a stress ball or pin cushion. Go ahead and fill your home with pretty pumpkins without stepping foot in the patch!

    Things You'll Need


    Photos and DIY via Girl. Inspired. 

    2. Pom-Pom Trimmed Flannel Blanket

    Pom-poms never fail to lend a sense of whimsy to a piece, and this toasty flannel blanket project is no exception! One could go wild playing with colour and fabric combinations, but there is something about bright yellow juxtaposed again plaid that really pops!

    Things You'll Need


    Photo and DIY via Mama In A Stitch

    3. Cowl Crochet Sweater Vest

    Cuddly and comfy, this crochet cowl-neck piece is like a sweater and scarf in one! It's relatively simple to make and looks utterly chic with a pair of crisp tapered trousers and a pair of ankle boots.

    Things You'll Need 


    Photo and DIY via Hooked On Homemade Happiness

    4. Crochet Pumpkin Beanie Hat

    A pumpkin for little pumpkins! This adorable crochet beanie can be whipped up in only a couple of hours and will keep tiny tots perfectly toasty all the way into winter.

    Things You'll Need 


    Photos and DIY via Bugaboo City

    5. Autumn Acorn Banner

    Forget jack-o-lanterns or leaves, this playful acorn banner brings a bit of autumn indoors without being cheesy. Also, the subdued neutral colours would go with nearly any type of decor - much more so than in-your-face orange!

    Things You'll Need


    Photos and DIY via YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad

    6. Fallen Leaves Cup Holder

    Embellished with colourful leaf designs, this crochet cup holder will keep coffees (and teas) steaming from morning until lunch! All this fun DIY requires is a few hours, yarn, a yarn needle and a pair of crochet hooks. Get stitchin'!

    Things You'll Need


    Photo and DIY via eHow

    7. Wool Blanket Coat 

    There are some brisk, dark fall mornings where we wish we could leave our beds and come to work with our blankets draped around us like Linus from Peanuts. Well, feast your eyes on this uber-cozy blanket-coat which is the adult, socially acceptable version of this! It's stylish, on trend and makes everyday feel like a lazy Sunday morning in one's PJs.

    Things You'll Need


    Photos and DIY via A Kailo Chic Life

    8. Cozy Pom Pom Pillow

    The best way to get rid of excess yarn? Why, by making a ton of colourful pom-poms of course! This no-sew pillow looks like something one would get from a trendy decor shop but actually requires very little effort. And while there are ways to make pom-poms by hand, it is a lot easier (and more fun) with Clover's Pom Pom Maker! Plus, it makes a great gift idea for when the holidays roll around.

    Things You'll Need

    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at

  • Top Textile Trends For Winter 2018

    Whether you are a designer or a store owner, it's important to know what textile trends will reign supreme from season to season. Although it is an entire year ahead, it is already clear that Winter 2018 is going be filled with contradictions and technological advancements. From airy and athletic fabrics to recycled synthetic fibers, read on for a recap of next winter's five most prominent trends!


    1. Natural Fibers and Textures with a Handmade Touch

    As the warmer months of summer give way to chillier autumn and winter days, cozy knits will begin to take centre stage. Unlike the more complex and intricate designs of seasons past, knits next winter will have an artisanal, handmade feel. Think chunky yarns composed of natural fibers, earthy tones, and simple stitches that evoke images of the sweaters your granny used to knit.

    Product Picks


    128503 - 30 Gifts in 30 Days - Create 30 Fun & Fresh Gift Ideas for the Special People in Your Life

    Simply crochet a design a day and you will have a gift ready for any occasion!

    This book includes simple projects that can be made in a day or less. This gorgeous collection of designs include hats, scarves, booties, coasters, dishcloths, coin purses, baskets, afghans, a pillowcase and more! It's sure to be your go-to book for quick gifts!


    800373 - Natural Yarn Dispenser

    This beautifully crafted handy knitting accessory is designed to keep your yarn devoid of any tangles while ensuring the yarn ball stays perfectly adjusted while it is being pulled. Knots and frayed yarn are now a thing of the past!

    • Made of natural birch wood.
    • Fitted with ball bearing that helps the shaft rotate smoothly.
    • Rubber pads fitted at the base in order to ensure proper contact with the table surface.

    How to Use:

    • Screw the wooden shaft to the round base in order to make the product ready for use.
    • Slide down the ball of yarn on the shaft and start working on your project as the shaft starts to rotate.
    • The shaft will continue to rotate smoothly while you knit or crochet.


    3684 - Clover Takumi Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Combo Set (Gift Set)

    Light in weight with a warm natural touch, bamboo is the ideal material for crochet hooks. Clover chooses only the finest bamboo to manufacture its crochet hooks with accurate specifications.

    • Each crochet hook is polished for smoothness. In Japanese “TAKUMI” means “craftsmanship”.
    • The seamless joint between parts is smooth and even, allowing for easy and effortless crochet.
    • The Combo set includes every size of the Bamboo Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks [sizes E (3.5mm) to L (8mm)], five cord sizes and 5 cord stoppers.


    2. Lightweight Technical Fabrics

    Athletic-inspired details and technical fabrics are continuing to grow in popularity as technology develops. Pretty isn't enough anymore - textiles have to perform. Light as air fabrics with technical features ( waterproof finishes, cooling features, high-stretch capabilities, breathability, odour resistance) are the name of the game as the public demands textiles that meet the physical requirements of a fast-paced life, while still remaining light, comfy and stylish.


    B705HSC-A - Beissel Assorted Stretch Needles

    Needles with ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip-free stitches.
    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, Gymnastic knits and swim wear.


    929585 - Repair Set Nylon, 5 pieces, Yellow

    Great for mending sportswear, anoraks, umbrellas, rain-wear, travel bags, camping items and lots more!

    • Self-Adhesive Repair Set
    • NYLON
    • 5 Count
    • Different shapes and sizes included.


    SUP209-APPLE - Lightweight Mesh Fabric, 18" X 54", Apple Green

    Lightweight with just the right amount of stretch - this mesh is fabulous! Use it for bags and beyond!

    Perfect for pockets on bags or anywhere you want to be able to see what you are storing, the mesh also works great in various garment applications and utility needs. To help you sew, the mesh is specially coated to be less slippery and easy to work with, while still being soft and pliable. Finish the edges with a simple binding using your favorite fabric or try our extra-easy-to-use fold-over elastic to provide extra stretch.

    • Washer and dryer safe.
    • May be pressed on medium heat.
    • 100% polyester


    3. Performance Denim

    Denim was once considered to be a very durable work fabric, used for jobs that required a lot of strenuous physical labour. Now it is safe to say that many of us live in our jeans, and denim has evolved from being an industrial fabric to a wardrobe mainstay. Denim continues to evolve in order to be able to compliment every arena of our lives. Performance denim is breathable, stretches like yoga pants, and wicks away moisture (at the bare minimum), ensuring that its wearer can bike to work, stretch it out in yoga and then meet with friends at a restaurant, all without skipping a beat!

    Product Picks


    DZ55285 - Self-Stick Patches, No Ironing Needed, Assorted Denim and Twill Patches, 8 Pieces

    Dritz® self-stick patches are ideal for making temporary DIY clothing or fabric repairs, or to create fun and decorative stick on shapes for kids’ clothing and gear.

    • Use to temporarily fix a tear, hole or worn area.
    • Use with templates or stencils to cut temporary patterns and shapes for kids’ clothing, bags, playtime wear and costumes.
    • Easy stick-on application requires no ironing or sewing.
    • Package contains 8 patches total: 2 patches size 5” x 5” and 6 patches size 2” x 3”.
    • Multi-pack includes assorted denim, twill black, twill navy and twill khaki patches.


    B705HJC-80 - Beissel Size 80 Denim/Jeans, 5 Count

    Needles with unique spear point, penetrates light fabrics without pushing the fabric down into the stitch plate hole.

    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing denim, canvas, multiple layers of fabrics, and for other densely woven fabrics.


    851104B - Cotton Denim Fabric, 100 Sheets Package

    100% Washable. Perfect for: Quilts, Book & Photo Album Covers, Costumes, Doll Clothes, Scrapbooks, Decorations, Flags & Banners, Pillows, Shoes and more.


    4. Hyper-realistic Graphics & Printed Yarns

    A stark contrast to the subdued tones and textured natural fabrics that will also be prevalent next winter, bold fluorescent hues, abstract graphics and ultra-realistic prints will also see a surge in popularity. Andy Warhol-esque portraits and quirky motifs inspired by household objects are just a few examples of next winter's hottest prints!


    688511T - Rock Solid: 13 Stunning Quilts Made with Kona Cottons by Karen M. Burns

    Tired of using the same old bag of tricks when it comes to quilting? You can replenish your quilting style instantly by simply changing the colour combinations you use! In this inspiring book Kareb Burns shows you the versatile and affordable way to do it. This new collection of bright and simple-to-stitch designs shines with colorful Kona Cottons! Re-creating each quilt is a snap, thanks to comprehensive color keys and color names included with each pattern.


    FXINK300 - Ink Station Classics Assortment 12 Inks

    FXINK300 includes following colours:

    • 11 - Lemon Yellow
    • 12 - Tangerine
    • 14 - Poppy Red
    • 15 - Cherry Pink
    • 16 - Peony Purple
    • 18 - Ultramarine
    • 19 - Cerulean Blue
    • 21 - Emerald Green
    • 22 - Spring Green
    • 54 - Chocolate
    • 63 - Forest Green
    • 80 - White Blender


    • 12 All Purpose Ink Colours,
    • 12 pieces Fantastix (Colouring Tool) Brush-Tipped & 12 pieces Fantastix (Colouring Tool) Bullet-Tipped.
    • 10.125" W x 5.5"D x 4.25"H
    • BONUS Instructional DVD included.


    TP28976 - Tulip Fabric Markers: Permanent Fabric Markers, 20pc

    Draw, doodle and color your way to ultra vibrant works of art with Tulip® Fabric Markers®!

    Packed with rich, intense pigments, you can always count on these Fabric Markers for true color that lasts. All inks are nontoxic and machine washable, and do not require heat setting for permanence. Let dry 24 hours. Markers work on most fabrics. Best on white and light-colored fabric.Resist fading from washing to washing.


    5. Recycled Fabrics & Fibers

    It's pretty difficult to live in the year 2017 and not be aware of one's impact on the environment and how everything from the food we eat to the clothing we wear affects it. Technologies are continuously being developed to reduce the textile industry's waste, carbon emissions, and water usage, and the recycling of fabrics (both natural and synthetic) is just one more step towards a cleaner, healthier planet. Let's all hope that one-day recycled fabrics aren't a trend but are instead the norm!


    058540 - Little Fixes: 54 Clever Ways To Extend The Life Of Kids' Clothes · Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Restyle

    Little Fixes is a step-by-step guide to refashioning children's clothes in sizes ranging from toddler to teen, without sacrificing style!

    Each of the 54 tutorials includes simple restyling instructions and helpful photographs. With some basic sewing skills and a little imagination, you'll soon find yourself having fun reviving any garment. Your kids - and your wallet - will thank you!

    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at

  • Back To School Class Essentials & Craft Ideas

    With only a few days left of August, those busy school days are almost here! We know that many of our lovely customers are teachers, and so we wanted to make their preparation for back-to-school as easy as possible. How ? With a HUGE back to school sale (our discounts go all the way up to 60%!), a handy shopping guide and a few fun crafting and sewing ideas for home economics and sewing students! Scroll on and you'll be able to find it all here. We hope you find this post to be helpful!


    Photo and DIY via Mom Foodie.

    1. DIY Lined Snack Bags

    These adorable lunch bags are so much fun to make and the patterns are simple enough to be made by beginners! Young students will have so much fun customizing their snack packs with fabric and details inspired by their favorite Disney movies or super heroes.

    Things You'll Need


    Photo and DIY via Premeditated Leftovers.

    2. Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Game Board Bag

    Students will have a blast banishing boredom with this lovely and simple-to-stitch board game bag! Tic-tac-toe is an easy game option, but feel free to encourage your students to get creative with fabric to make different game boards. Snakes and ladders? Checkers perhaps?

    Things You'll Need


    Photo and DIY via hello, Wonderful.

    3. DIY Drawstring Backpack

    Students will love stowing away their tools and sewing supplies in this super stylish and eco-friendly drawstring backpack! Because this pattern is relatively simple and doesn't take a lot of time to complete, this makes a great introductory project for new sewing or home economic students.

    Things You'll Need


    Photo and DIY via Damask Love.

    4. DIY Fruit Pencil Pouches

    These fruity pencil cases will help students take a little bit of summer with them into the new school year! Sewing is minimal with this DIY so it's a great first-time project for young children or brand new sewists.

    Things You'll Need

    • Canvas Pouches (yellow with a green zipper, red with a green zipper and pink with a pink zipper)
    • Green Felt
    • Masking Tape
    • Foam Pouncers
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Thread
    • Toothpicks
    • Glue


    Photo and DIY via Life Made Creations.

    5. DIY Denim Notebook Cover

    All one needs to put together this stylish little notebook is an old pair of jeans, some scrap paper and a few extra dryer sheets (to create the adorable flower embellishment)! Wordsmiths are sure to love this project and it's a great way for teachers to introduce environmentally-friendly habits to their students!

    Things You'll Need

    Back To School Sale


    Eco Pouch Set: featuring "Elephant And I" 

    Stow your stuff in style with these colorful zippered eco pouches and stay organized everywhere you go! These pouches are made of recycled plastic that is tough enough to handle even the sharpest quilting, sewing, and art tools! They are also great for storing pens, jewelry, cosmetics, and all of your other must-haves! Each pouch features two beautiful quilt designs by fabric designer Jennifer Sampou.


    Classic Stylish Sewing Basket with an Organizer - Up to 30% Off!

    Store and organize your sewing essentials in this stylish sewing basket. It's roomy enough to fit all of your supplies with a classic design that is timeless and elegant.

    • Size: 13" x 8.5" x 6.5".
    • Metal latch closure
    • Very spacious


    Clauss 24K Gold Plated 3.5” CURVED Embroidery Scissors - Up to 60% Off!

    These gold-line scissors from Clauss feature 24 K gold-plated bows and shanks made out of fine grade cutlery steel. Thin, needle sharp points allows sewists to create precise and delicate cuts without damaging the material.  As a result, these scissors are perfect for monogram work, applique and intricate trimming. The ring-bow handles allow these scissors to be used comfortably by both right and left handed users. These heirloom-quality scissors are designed to be treasured and used for many years.


    SEW SMALL - 19 LITTLE BAGS: Stash Your Coins, Keys, Earbuds, Jewelry & More! by Jennifer Heynen 

    Sew 19 simply embellished projects including a card holder, coin purses, earbud holder, small wallets, pouches and organizers. These cute and useful bags are perfect for holding and organizing all of your little things. Personalize the organizers with adorable embellishments and appliqués and use up your scraps, trims, and other odds and ends in the process! Whip one up in an afternoon or bring your handwork with you—small pieces make these projects fun and easy to work on anywhere. Great to give as gifts or keep for yourself, these tiny bags will bring a smile to everyone's face!


    Stacking Patchwork Pins, Fine, 0.4mm x 36mm, 20 Pins

    The new stacking pins are versatile, unique, and portable! The pins are made from high quality steel with a heat resistant glass head. They also come with a slim and clear case with a secure cap.
    • Translucent cylinder case with secure cap.
    • Small, medium, and large.
    • Stacking cases can be stacked together.
    • Portable and perfect for traveling!


    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at

  • Short Story Contest - Third Place: Sylvia Eisma


    Only On Sunday

    by Sylvia Eisma

    My son asked me, “Mom, why do you sew in the bedroom?”  A good question.

    It all began with an empty potato sack. Around the age of seven my mom presented me and my sister with a needle, some thread and the jute sack. An accomplished seamstress and needle-worker herself, she had decided it was time for me and my sister to learn some skills and follow in her footsteps. So one lazy, summer afternoon my sister and I began to practice our embroidery stitches, cross stitches, loops, lazy-daisies and others producing a lovely sampler of beginning needlework. Once I picked up that needle, I knew it would become a lifetime passion.  For my sister, not so much.

    From embroidery stitches, to hand-stitched Barbie Doll clothes, sewing became a passionate but clandestine activity for me.  Only on Sunday afternoons did I have time to practice my skills. In my household, we were precluded from doing any kind of ‘work’ that day.  However, my mom was flexible and would let me hide in my bedroom, full-well knowing that I was producing volumes of costumes for my many tiny companions.  I loved working with my hands. It provided much-needed peace and gave me a strong sense of accomplishment.

    Years went by and my passion for all things sewing and needlework grew. I achieved a Degree in Fashion Design, made my own clothes and experimented with all types of needlework perfecting some, mastering others. I made baby clothes, and dressed my son in handmade items, until he said “No more!” Even now, my creativity continues to evolve, embracing and exploring art quilting.  As my mom lies immobilized by Parkinson’s, I proudly show her my latest creations. To this day I still enjoy working on a project in my bedroom on Sunday afternoons.

  • Short Story Contest - Second Place: Jean Husband



    Surprise, A Storybook Quilt

    by Jean Husband of

    Individual, original and sewn with love. That's my aim when I sew a baby quilt. Usually they are a quick project, easily finished. But one, Surprise, was a bigger challenge than I anticipated.

    While camping at Palm Beach near Powell River, BC, a spark of inspiration caught fire. Waves lapped in over the pebbled shore. My grandson supervised while I tossed stone after stone into the ocean. “The skunk threw the rock kerplunk,” I chanted. Chubby hands clapped and giggles rang out with each rhyme. More rocks plopped in, droplets of water rocketed skyward.

    “Again!” he cried. That skunk and a few other quirky animals evolved into a story. A dripping wet octopus walked the street, A centipede drummed, keeping the beat, And lovebirds sang tweet, tweet, tweet.

    I used these fanciful images to design my quilt. First I illustrated each line of the poem on my versatile iPad, then I set to work. The raw edged appliqué took shape with the aid of Steam-A-Seam 2 and 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive. Next, machine embroidered words marched across the bottom of each square. Finally, after sandwiching the layers, I thread-painted the details in all sixteen blocks.

    The story came to life. A moose paddled a canoe, a garter snake drank tea, and a zebra balanced on a skateboard. I wanted to share this odd menagerie with more than just my grand-kids. Could my quilt be turned into a book for other young eyes? Negotiating the world of self-publishing meant a steep learning curve.

    In August of 2016 my picture book Surprise, A Storybook Quilt made its debut at the Quilted Bear during the Car and Quilt Walk in Ladner, BC. With pen in hand and the Surprise quilt as a backdrop, I was ready to share my project.

  • Short Story Contest - First Place: Cheryl Ripley


    Sewing is definitely the first love in my life!

    By Cheryl Ripley

    When I was nine years old, I found some pretty blue fabric with tiny flowers on it and made a dress all by myself.  I remember that dress like it was yesterday! I did not have a clue what the grainline of fabric meant so when it was washed, my beautiful dress didn’t do so well. My mom would often catch me sewing in the middle of the night with only the sewing machine light on. It never occurred to me that she could hear the machine running. I’ve sewn almost every day since then and have made many things since “my” first beautiful blue dress!

    Sewing is my passion, my joy, my happy dance, my therapy and has always managed to calm me whenever I am anxious, sad or even mad! Sewing feeds my soul in absolutely every way! As a young girl walking by the Tailor Shop in my neighborhood, I noticed workers with measuring tapes hanging around their necks. From then on, I knew what I was meant to be when I grew up!!! I now operate a home sewing business and teach sewing to anyone willing to learn.

    I volunteer with Days for Girls” sewing sustainable feminine hygiene products for girls in developing countries. By supplying these products to these girls, we have helped to reduce the school dropout rate from 38% to as low as 3%. I also make dresses that are embellished with laces, ribbons and embroidery for girls in these same countries. I am doing what I love to do!!! I hope to make 150 dresses by March 2018. I am absolutely sure I will do it!

    I will sew until the day I die and I plan to live ‘till I am 104!!!!!

  • Beissel - Any Needle, One Price!


    We are incredibly excited to announce that all machine sewing needles from Beissel are now selling for one price! Whether you're shopping for embroidery, denim, leather, or serger needles, you can now take the guess work out of calculating your costs! Amazing needles at amazing prices. Does it get any better than that?

    If you haven't tried Beissel needles yet, you don't know what you're missing. A brand synonymous with excellence, these needles are carefully crafted by over 200 gifted experts and go through 155 different quality checks before they end up in stores, so you can bet your bobbin that every needle is absolutely perfect. What are you waiting for? Go on and try them out! We promise not to say 'we told you so'.



    Although Beissel uses the cutting edge of modern manufacturing technology to craft their needles, this German brand has been in business for 150 years. Their needles are sold across the globe and Beissel is one of only two companies in the world to offer an entire range of industrial as well as home sewing needles. Aside from their extensive selection of needle types, what really defines Beissel is their unwavering focus on quality and craftsmanship. Every single one of their needles are made with care by over 200 dedicated staff members in their headquarters in Southern India. They are also one of the first brands in the world to pass the performance standard for sewing machine needles as designated by SATRA of the UK and to meet the German DIN standards.The needles are made in their state-of-the-art factory and pass through 155 quality checks before they end up in stores. Beissel strives for nothing less than perfection and they employ nearly 200 specialists who work tirelessly to ensure that every product that comes to market is absolutely flawless.


    For so many years, Altek Beissel Needles Limited has been offering almost 500 stitching solutions to some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry. It's their laser-like attention to detail, their stunning craftsmanship, and their commitment to affordability that has earned their position as one of the most trusted and loved needle brands in the industry. When you choose Beissel you are truly choosing excellence, for your business and your customers.


    Want to see first hand proof of why we (and sewists all over) love Beissel? Watch this short video and learn about this amazing brand and how their needles stand apart from the pack.

    Watch the Video


    Metallic Needles have a longer eye than embroidery needles to protect the thread from shredding or breaking.

    Fabric use: Designed especially for sewing with decorative metallic threads. They are also ideal for use with monofilament thread.

    Top stitch needles have a long eye (in comparison to universal and embroidery needles) and are suitable for replacing missing stitches in embroidery.

    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing with thicker yarn and for decorative stitches with multiple threads.

    Has a comparatively larger eye than universal needles which accounts for a smooth thread flow while sewing. The light ball point suits most of the materials.

    Fabric use: Suitable for embroidery work with polyester, rayon, and with other specialty threads.

    Needles with unique spear point, penetrates light fabrics without pushing the fabric down in to the stitch plate hole.

    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing denim, canvas, multiple layers of fabrics, and for other densely woven fabrics.

    Due to the angle of incision, this needle point produces a stitch formation inclined slightly to left and is particularly suited to decorative seams.

    Fabric use: Needles with cutting point for sewing leather or leather like materials.

    Needles with a ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip-free stitches.

    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, Gymnastic knits and swim wear.

    Needles with slightly rounded tip shape with the ability to enter in between the yarns of knit fabric, instead of piercing like a sharp point needle.

    Fabric use: Suitable for cotton knits, interlock, rip knits, fleece, double knits and most knit fabrics.

    The light ball point yet sharp point makes this needle versatile for many applications.

    Fabric use: Suitable for most woven and knits; works with all household sewing machine brands.

    Constructed with two needles on cross bar from a single shaft. Twin needles sew two rows of stitching at the same time. Suitable for heirloom sewing, decorative stitching and anywhere else that may require multiple uniform stitching rows.

    Special needles that are ideal for hem stitches and decorative heirloom stitching.

    This needle is specially designed for use in electronic multipurpose sergers that do the over lock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches. Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines. Machines should specify that they are a ELX705 system.

    There are few things that excite us more than a brand new shipment of sewing goodies! These new products from Beissel are guaranteed to be a hit with your customers! Scroll on and find out why.

    Assorted Needle Travel Tin

    B7100TIN - Beissel Tin
    Retail: $15.99
    Cost: $8.00 (Buy 1-4), $7.68 (Buy 5-9), $7.20 ( Buy 10+)

    Add to Cart

    Created in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, this is the perfect travel kit for the sewist on the go. This pocket-sized tin comes equipped with four different needles - stretch, jersey/knit, serger/overlock, and universal, along with a sprinkling of satin roses just for fun. These adorable kits make great gifts and are a must-have for sewists and quilters of all skill-levels!

    Embroidery Needles - Box of 100

    B7100HEB-75 - Beissel Sz 75 Embroidery Needles, Box of 100
    Retail: $50.00
    Cost: $25.00 (Buy 1-4), $24.00 (Buy 5-9), $22.50 ( Buy 10+)

    Add to Cart
    Comparatively larger eye than universal needles and accounts for smooth thread flow while sewing. Light ball point suits most of the materials. There are 100 needles in each box.

    Fabric use: Suitable for embroidery work with polyester, rayon, and with other specialty threads.

    Universal Needles - Box of 100

    Light ball point yet sharp pointed makes versatile for many applications. There are 100 needles in each box.

    Fabric use: Suitable for most woven and knits; works with all household sewing machine brands.

    Retail: $50.00
    Cost: $25.00 (Buy 1-4), $24.00 (Buy 5-9), $22.50 ( Buy 10+)

    Metallic & Stretch Needles


    B130METC-90 - Beissel Sz 90 Metallic Needles, 90/14, 5 Count
    Retail: $3.99
    Cost: $2.00 (Buy 1-4), $1.92 (Buy 5-9), $1.80 (Buy 10+)Add to Cart
    Metallic Needles have longer eye than embroidery needles to protect the thread from shredding or breaking.Fabric use: Designed especially for sewing with decorative metallic threads. It is also ideal for use with monofilament thread.

    B705HSC-A - Beissel Assorted Stretch Needles
    Retail: $3.99
    Cost: $2.00 (Buy 1-4), $1.92 (Buy 5-9), $1.80 (Buy 10+)

    Add to Cart
    Needles with ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip-free stitches.

    Fabric use: Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, Gymnastic knits and swim wear.

    Don't wait! See why Beissel's glowing reputation is so well-deserved and shop this fabulous brand today!

    Shop Beissel

    Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you! Chat with us in the comment section or send us a message at

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